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OTT video app development Basics: Types, Market, Features & Cost

Over the Top (OTT) services are rapidly growing in popularity around the globe due to the several advantages they provide over the conventional television services. OTT apps are becoming a lucrative field for entrepreneurs due to the growing market for online streaming services. Let us take a look at the basics which one should be aware of before going for OTT app development services.

Types of OTT

Based on content, there are four major types of OTT services:

  • Video
  • Audio
  • VOIP
  • Messaging

we make high quality video streaming app for you....contact us for OTT Video App DevelopmentVideo streaming is undoubtedly the most popular and lucrative type of OTT currently. A number of app development companies are offering services for OTT video app development lately. Based on the monetisation type, OTT video on demand platforms can again be divided into 3 types:

  • SVOD: In this model, the users pay a certain subscription amount to gain access to a select category or library of content.
  • TVOD: Transactional video on demand refers to the pay per watch view model. Here the users pay for a specific video or video package.
  • AVOD: As the name suggests, ad-based video on demand models are monetised via ads. Some of the AVOD services are free while some are free with an option for a paid ad-free experience.

The global OTT market at a glance

  • The global OTT market is expected to grow to $332.52 billion by 2025, with a rapidly growing popularity across various countries. Even the countries where OTT services are hard to launch due to problems in internet connectivity are undergoing infrastructural development and are expected to become new markets.
  • The OTT market can be divided into 3 segments based on device type, such as smartphones, PCs and Laptops, smart TVs, gaming consoles, etc. The smartphone segment clearly dominated the market, followed by laptops and PCs. This is due to the booming number of smartphone users and the trend is expected to continue in the near future.

Features of a good OTT video app

When developing an app for OTT services, it is important to emphasize highly on user experience in order to beat the competition. Here are some of the features crucial for delivering a great user experience:

  • User profiles: Allowing every user create a profile would allow them to sync the app across multiple devices. Moreover, user profiles are crucial to add another important feature: suggesting content based on their watch history.
  • Multilingual: Providing video content in only one language would greatly restrict your potential audience. The leading OTTs provide multilingual videos to cater to wider demographics.
  • Shareability: Adding options to share the content across social media would be a prime mode of free advertising. With people sharing your content with their contacts, your userbase would grow.
  • Interface: The app must come with a sleek and easy to use interface in order to ensure a smooth streaming experience. These include proper categorization of content, search function with filter options, gist of each content, etc.

Cost of OTT video app development

Various app development companies offer their services at different costs. The cost for building an OTT video app depends on a number of factors such as:

  • Number of platforms
  • Features provided in the app
  • Geographical location of the development company
  • Quality of the development services

In the process to leverage the power of OTT, Razorse Software Pvt Ltd, a leading software company, has been collaborating with brands and entrepreneurs to build promising OTT video streaming apps. You may reach out to us for developing your OTT video app.

Digital Marketing and scopes in India

Digital marketing offers numerous careers to the technical as well as creative professionals to come together and create a digital marketing platform for the influences to serve its users. It provides employment options to the individuals from various fields including Web designers and developers, Social media executive and managers, brand consultants, content writers, graphic designer, artists, etc for creating perfect economic growth opportunities for the country.

India is one of the growing countries, where nearly 80% of the population uses internet for making purchase over trending market platforms, which gives the internet influencers an opportunity to design strategies to influence consumer behaviour.  With the increasing use of smart gadgets, Indian economy is flourishing over digital market and Delhi being capital and one of the metro-cities of India, is no exception. It is not hard to find growing Digital Marketing Companies in Delhi, Noida.

Impact of Digital Marketing on People

The mode of marketing through online channels including websites, search engines, social media, e-mail and smart phones is known as Digital Marketing. As talked earlier, Noida being knowledge village of Delhi has many Digital Marketing Companies that employ a huge amount of metropolitans to come and work in top companies of the city. This mode of marketing plays a vital role in creating an organisation, hence more and more companies in Delhi focus up on internet for their business growth.

The community that never used digital marketing services are keen to know about the best Digital Marketing Company in Delhi, Noida for their business. The first thing to take care about is the reason of choosing the digital platform you want and second should be the mode on which you proceed to endorse your digital business. In Delhi, Digital Marketing has

become a trending path to utilize the internet for merchandise or endorsing the platform.

How to choose the best Digital Marketing Company?

With the growing rate of Digital Marketing, it is crucially important for a businessman to advertise about his product into market by grabbing sincere attention of the users towards their business websites. To find the best Digital Marketing Company in Delhi, Noida easily, you should keep the following things in mind:

  • Your expectations should be clearly explained to the campaign.
  • Create a list of things you want your marketing campaign to work up on according to your preferences and that you want from your Digital Marketing Company.
  • Don’t miss out any important service that you want your Digital Company to work up on.
  • Keep yourself aware about the co-ordination pattern and the working style, if the work has been distributed among in-house as well as outsources.
  • Always maintain a long term relationship with a SEO Company because different Digital Marketing Companies have different rules and regulations and different working style and it becomes hard to change the companies again and again and adjust from zero every time, which may also affect your digital campaign.

When you work with any digital marketing company for a longer time, even they start learning your needs from them and set a working pattern that benefits you. In order to select the best Digital Marketing Company, you should check and specify your needs accordingly, as there are a lot of Digital Marketing Companies working over different purposes.

Top Digital Marketing Companies in Delhi

Hence, in this golden era of digitization, it obligatory to make a digital presence of your business and influence it through some of the top developing Digital Marketing Companies in Delhi, Noida as follows:

  • Mobile App Development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Development
  • E-commerce
  • Reputation management
  • PPC with SEO
  • Guest blogging

Branding Agency

UV Sanitizer – A game changer Technology

UV-C portable sanitizer it is the best way to sanitize without human touch, and people are welcoming it, but a lot of us know really know about this and want to know how it will work, as of now everyone is saying to wash hand and face is the best way to kill Corona Virus, and we keep sanitize high-touch surfaces buy various liquid germs killers now these days. But we never use these hygiene methods on our smart phones, keys and other daily essentials those run by electricity or battery, so our these need is the base of UV sterilizer’s invention.

What we need to know about UV Technology?

UV technology (ultra violet light disinfection technology) is one of the age old and very important technologies in our world. We all knows that UV stands for “ultra violet” ray which is used in this UV technology to apply in different field for different purposes. As we know that sun ray is containing ultra violet rays and is able to disinfect the bacteria and viruses. So, UV or “ultra violet” is a spectrum of light which is not visible by the naked human eyes. The UV is divided into 4 parts- VUV spectrum (100 – 200 nm), UVC spectrum (200 – 280 nm), UVB spectrum (280 – 315 nm), and UVA spectrum (315 -400 nm). We use UV-C spectrum to disinfect the bacteria and viruses.

What we need to know about UV-C Technology?

As I said we use UV-C spectrum to disinfect the bacteria and viruses so we can say UV-C spectrum is a germicidal spectrum. Means in this region of light UV contains the peak germicidal wavelength. UV-C light is very effective and strong ray to kill all type of viruses, bacteria and germs, as the wavelength in this spectrum stands in between 200 nano-meter to 280 nano meter.

Our UV Sanitizer is designed with a special bulb and it emits UV-C rays to destroy virus, germs and bacteria. With the proper use of UV-C technology we can destroy more than 99.99% of all pathogens within a second. Therefore, it is doing sanitation work without any chemicals, without harmful side effects, inexpensively, highly efficiently and absolutely reliably.

Core Benefits of UV-C Technology

  • Effective for all types of micro-organisms, bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa.
  • No disinfection by-products (DBPs) formed
  • Operating cost is low
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Radiation is not able penetrate skin, so its safe.
  • Safe and environmentally friendly
  • HACCP compliance

How does a UV Sterilizer work?

Our well designed UV Sterilizer or Sanitizer primarily works by using special bulbs that emit the right amount of Ultra Violet (UV)-C light with proper wavelength, that is actually needed to kill bacteria on smooth surfaces. UV light is considered effective as it damages the DNA of bacteria and the DNA or RNA of viruses. That said, if you damage the DNA of the bacteria it dies, and if you damage the nucleic acid of the virus enough it cannot infect.

Also, we set a timer in our product so that you can get knowledge about the duration of disinfection, and in our product the process starts after 20 second so that you can protect yourself from rays, as these rays are not good for the skin.

Contact us at 7011221090 now to know about this product and its other working process.

Now Digital Marketing Matters for you More Than Ever

The people and organizations around the world are affected with the extraordinary impact of COVID-19, we all are facing most of the challenging times in till life. But so many people are the true definition of essential workers, and we’ll have them to thank for helping us get through this crisis, in this those people are also included those bring online things before you, either by social media or search engine, they are digital marketers.

I have worked for over a decade in digital marketing now, and during career I really helped a lot of clients in their business promotiona. But, the challenges created by this corona crisis I have never experienced and even no other one. So many departmental stores had been forced to close their doors to maintan social distancing and self-isolation, and this activity destroy the traditional business and shopping practices but it has rapidly accelerated e-commerce transactions, and more tha million of people who were previously tuned to purchase goods or services over the internet are now dipping their own toes in the electronic commerce lake. As digital markeing bring everything in their laptop and mobile just in a click.

Now people are learning a new lession that shopping at physical store is not necessary now. In fact, a “digital society” is emerging that believs on fingertip instead of footfalls, as whatever they need is now just a single click away. This drastic changes making companies realize that if they are not findable on the search engine, website of social media, than they will have a hard time getting in front of the present consumer. We are entering in an era where the importance of online traffic is more significant than foot fall for your business.

B2B means big business to business companies are now understanding the power of digital marketing and thinking about their business models. As an example, my so many clients who rely heavily on expos for business development. However, social distancing has paused those industry conferences and increased the importance of conducting business online and digitally. Now sales and marketing departments have to learn how to utilize new technologies to create digital brochures, automate email marketing campaigns and connect online via virtual meetings tools.

Digital Solutions used by Professionals

As I noticed that traditional sales and marketing have already been started changing since last decade. But these events have undoubtedly exposed many companies’ vulnerabilities, and so brands that were slow to evolve can now see how vital it is to make a digital transformation. The silver lining could be that these changes may very well end up being a good thing for humanity. People can now visit their doctors and pharmacists from the comfort of their homes, through the virtual visit model, for medical needs that are not life-threatening. Therapists and academic tutors are following suit by transitioning their practices to video chat platforms, instead of relying on face-to-face encounters. These digital solutions have been utilized by many professionals for years, but now more consumers are participating in this innovative virtual experience.

Today, we live in a digital society that places convenience high on the list of priority. The Amazons of the world have already proven that most people prefer internet-based communication and e-commerce over the traditional methods of transaction. With the increased exposure to virtual experiences brought upon us by this corona pandemic, the demand will likely elevate consumer expectations even further and accelerate the pace of adoption.

Digital transformation is here to stay

Now the online world has become more relevant and necessary to the functioning of our life, digital marketing has become essential to success for any businesses that operate within any society or area. It is really hard to believe, but still some companies get away with neglecting their online presence and digital branding. For better or worse, this crisis has been a wake-up call for many of businesses persons around the world.


As per my observation, we are in the middle of a major social disruption, and it is showing that how we function in our personal and professional lives. The lessons we learned from this corona era is that it is very hard to predict the future. But one thing is sure and it is, the technology and digital marketing are playing a vital role in business, communication and healthcare is proving that it is very important part of our success. And businesses that have resisted the digital transformation should take note of its tremendous power and efficiency. Companies that embrace these changes will add the most value to their customers’ lives, be in the best position to grow and perhaps make the world a better place.

Social media and digital marketing is connecting everyone during Covid-19

Social-distancing means physical separation due to CORONA virus i.e Covid-19, everyone are using social media to connect and support each other, according to a recent report based on youth making excessive use of media.

Three leading ways in this CORONA time are to connect everyone and help everyone are Social Media, Digital Transaction and Search engine means Google, these are actually support each other through digital media during times of stress and isolation.

The work of every sector get suffered due to the Covid-19 a global pandemic, but the life is moving, and the physical isolation made the things more difficult, but that has resulted from shelter-in-place orders online has yielded a seismic shift, making it even more critical to understand and leverage technology in a way that benefits everyone.

How Digital Marketing Change the Business world

We summarizes current knowledge and redirects the conversation about social media’s use and well-being in three ways that are particularly relevant today:

-Refocusing the debate over the relationship between social media’s use and our day to day needs.
– Identifying the assets that may influence problematic and healthy social media engagement.
– Suggesting opportunities where youth can get employments.

We need to move beyond the simple question of whether more time spent using social media and search engine surfing by the people will create a high demand of Digital marketing jobs or requirements.

Instead, people should consider the specific forms of social media engagement and search engine that actually forcing every business person to bring his or her business over the internet to reach with targeted audience.

The team finds that online marketing is the new era technology and that will change the market for the next at least five years and show mirror to offline vulnerabilities. They note that it is particularly important for messages, interventions, and strategies to be targeted and tailored to the most vulnerable people and those underserved by traditional marketing services.

Benefits of Social Media and Search Engine

A number of relevant findings, opportunities, and benefits are outlined in the online or digital marketing, including:

– Evaluating claims about whether social media use is leading to greater vulnerability for business expending, people’s buying capacity and analysis of products including services.
– Identifying factors such as poverty, discrimination, instability, social marginalization, and other forms of stress as more significant influences on digital marketing technology.
– Revealing that people have reported that online marketing of empowerments the jobs and employments.
– Offering online discount, home delivery, and online education, support etc making a kind of awareness among the people about the ecommerce portal development.
-Every business can be come online if the owner wants to move forward, as the digital marketing services are very open for all and for all business either it is local or global.
– When every business start coming online than the competition in the online environment will be high, so bring the business before the user is a challenge, means it will improve the demand of digital marketing experts.
– Highlighting that the digital era that is booming in this corona time will improve the online business opportunities, employments in digital marketing as well as offline, because the handle the client’s problem and home delivery services also a kind of job.

Why Bring Business Online

For example, I have open an ecommerce portal for my grocery store, but I am only offering home delivery and online payment than how much person I need, first of all I need on ecommerce portal for that I hire a software company means I given business to a company, I need one customer support person to handle the client issues, I given one more job, I need a team of people who get online order and pack the items accordingly here one team of 5 to 10 people get job, now I need some people who deliver the items at the door of customer.

Now I also need one account manager who takes the track or money, delivery, salary etc, means at least I will give job to 20-30 people and business to a company if I bring my business online during the corona time.

I also need a team or company for digital marketing to promote my business over the search engine and social media to make people aware about my various products, costing and offers.

In this era of paradigm shift, do you really feel turning to DIGITAL?

Few days back, while reading an article in a world famous magazine, will mention its name in the consecutive paras, that the time is moving with its own pace, wherein I read that few Entrepreneurs not giving a damn thought to optimize their digital products which could adversely affect their latency to attract their potential customers.

I am pretty sure, many of you must have started their ventures with a thought to take it to next level with each passing phase but the end result is, you’re getting very limited clients that too through your existing business relationships. Dear, now is the time to digitally engage your prospective customers.

Many businesses stillbelieve on the former marketing trends including advertisements, and other forms of marketing, which has a very limited geographical reachand sometime costly too.

However, Online marketing tactics made it easier than ever to target local customers to generate brand value locally, definitely by deploying specific realms of digital marketing for local positioning of the brand.

I am sure, that by now you must be thinking to practice Digital marketing tactics for your business. Thus, before a digital marketing firm, being a smart Business owner, you should know digital marketing basic terms like Digital Marketing, What is SEO, what is ranking etc. let’s start one-by-one

What is SEO?

According to Forbes, SEO is the process of optimizing your website in order to get organic or unpaid traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. It increases both the quality and quantity of your website traffic.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing works for companies with a global reach as well as for local businesses.

What is ranking over SERP?

Whenever you type a keyword on any of the search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing and press enter, you see a list of websites with a particular keyword you mentioned. This is called SERP ranking of a website.

Now! Let me ask you, do you really think that your business needs a Digital marketing services?Might be some of you say yes or some says no, but reality is Digital marketing is the best option in present scenario that not only gives you more n more reach among your potential customers in lesser time and economical ways but also build your brand value. Now, you will ask, HOW? Let’s go deeper

Cost-Effectiveness in the Targeted Customers

For the marketing of any business, the cost always matters, so with traditional marketing tactics like ads on TV and print media, charges are very high, moreover, some businesses faces a hard time in competing with bigger Brands for ad space to gain attention of the consumers. While most of the digital marketing platforms are either free or are cost effective. Like for the paid campaign also you can measure the reach.

Targeted you Customers

In any marketing plan reaching out to the right audience is very important, digital marketing tactics helps to targeted people who would be atleast 95% interested in your company and products or services being offered.

Similar in paid campaigns, you can set your target audience using PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ad or a Facebook ad. You can set different attributes like age, gender, hobbies, occupation and others to target your audience. You can be as specific as you are willing to, when you’re targeting customers through your digital marketing paid campaigns.

Highly Measurable Results

One thing in digital marketing that will definitely help you to grow your business is, you can have a view over your digital marketing results and measure-them too. This means you could figure out whether your marketing campaign is performing well for you or not, giving any output or not, you can track everything in digital marketing.

Digital marketing has no room for guesswork as is the case with Traditional marketing. Each and every tactic used in any digital marketing campaign is measurable.

With the data offered by Google Analytics and other similar tools, you can have a look if a particular approach is effective or if it needs some tweaking. You can also use the things you learn and apply them to future campaigns to ensure better success rates. We are one of the Best Digital Marketing Companies in Delhi NCR to give you desired results.


Hence, to Conclude, it’s time to think where you stand for your potential customer and whether what and how you are actually doing to bring them at your door to buy your services or products.