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Digital Transformation – Need of the Industry

Role of digital technology is rapidly shifting across industries and it has been recognised by leaders in various industries. In its earlier role digital technology was driver of marginal efficiency but today it is an enabler of fundamental innovation, disruption and automation.

Digitalization has been pushed because of large scale and sweeping transformations across various aspects of business, providing unparalleled opportunities for value creation but at the same time bring a lot of risk. The pace of customer expectation is changing, there is a lot of digital have become part of our day to day life and above all it is very difficult to identify and access right skills for digital transformation.

We have been working on Digital transformation and key component have been understanding the requirement of organisations to stay ahead of learning curve by adoption digital business models which means organisations should launch their digital identities before launching the business verticals.

It is equally important that organisations focus on Digital operating Models with strong emphasis on digital talent and skills. It is imperative for organisations to embrace and encourage people to adopt best practices using digital technology.

With above points in mind, we see a number of recommendations for industry leaders in their digital transformation at work and they include :

  • Identify, develop and launch new digital business models Setup a successful corporate venturing model Re-examine every aspect of operations.

  • Understand and leverage Data Integrate automation and on demand workers into the workforce. Establish the right digital tractions metrics Convince your users about your digital transformation journey.

  • To understand digital transformation, we take example of Drones. In 2007 cost of one piece of drone was $100 K and today it is available for as low as $500. This is the power of transformation at work. It is important that we surviving the rapidly growing business environment and transformation. If you need any help regarding digital transformation at your work write to us.
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