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Why your website should be mobile friendly?

The most important question that most of the business owner is going through is that should their website should be mobile friendly as the majority of the people who are using internet are using mobile. You cannot ignore the importance of mobile friendly website. There are some reasons you should connect to mobile users are mentioned below.

Top Reasons why your website should be mobile friendly
1.Improved users experience- The best thing about mobile friendly website is that it has more users experience and the simple reason behind is that mobile can easily open a website whether in laptop you have to spend some time and wait for the website to open which is not the desire of the internet users. Mobile friendly website manage to display the pictures and content of the website on the screen of the mobile and it simple lead to users experience by providing less demand for navigating the website.
2.Mobile friendly website increases the Google ranking- As per MENA, the 96% of the internet users search on the Google for any product and service. Thus all websites owner wish to do SEO effort to bring their website on the first few results of the Google. For the simple reason, as your website is mobile friendly, they engage more users and it simply lead to Google ranking.
3.Mobile friendly websites increases sales- Sales is the main motivational factor of the business person. Mobile friendly websites have better response in terms of sales as the people love to use mobile for their online purchases. Due to the immense increase in smart phone usage, the companies with mobile friendly websites are making great sales than ever before.
4.Blogging and social media interaction brings mobile visitors- For the simple reason, to increase sales, you need better awareness of your website in the market and mobile is the best medium of it and you can engage more and more users to your website if it is mobile friendly and involved in blogging and using social media platforms.
5.Responsive website adapts to future devices- As you know the most of the current and future communication devices are being made with view of mobile. This is the change that will lead the future generations. If you are running a mobile friendly website, you are preparing the users to engage with your business and can have good business through it.

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