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Self SEO will no More Help Business Owners

As a part of Digital Marketing agency in Delhi, I met so many business owners every month to explain them that what is Digital Marketing? how it will grow your business? how you will lot of business from search engine and social media?, and really a few understand this but a lots of them starts guiding me that there is nothing in SEO only a game with Google with few keywords and the same with social media like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter.

Means you will create a few creatives and post on these social media platform, that I can also do, what extra or special you will do for which you are charging a good fee to me, actually they were right becasue we all are do same things in our day to day life, but the style of doing make different from others, like there are so many MBBS doctors in a location but one doctor have a wonderful crowed while a lot of doctors are waiting for the patient, what is the reason while they all are MBBS doctor?

Also, there is one very interesting thing happened with one Doctor, I visited his clinic a few months back, he called me for the promotion of their website, he said me that he has a website that he made with the help of youtube and WordPress, he put meta tags, written content, created separate pages for the various treatment but site is not ranking, and they also told me that as per Hummingbird update of Google the Keyword targeting became irrelevant so I want to know how can I promote my website.

How to convince a Smart Doctor

I was shocked that, how they can do too much work as a doctor, but still, I feel that nowadays it is very easy to create website, place content etc, but the main work is to bring the website in rank, make people to click on your website’s snippet and than visit website to understand your work and try to connect with you, but actually their made website is the simple free template of WordPress without meta tags, header tags, images etc. this is the actual side effect of online education without good guidance.

SO, I asked them, what do you want from me, they said I want traffic and leads on my website, I said them yes it is possible, but for this you need to redesign your website, re-write the content and then only I will start a promotion, they said no-no I will do my self you guide me, LoL, really very smart, I asked them, if a patient come to you as share some problem of dehydration what will you? they said immediate admit and start giving them glucose, I said so nice! but what if they asked you the reason, doctor said I will tell them there lack of water in the body so need to give, amazing, then I said they can asked you means all the water that I consumed till the time is wasted? doctor start thinking and I asked please let me know… and i said maybe that person say you I will arrange this you only guide..now Doctor become speechless and said please let me know your fee, this was the right decision, means give your site to an expert to handle.

How Google ranking algorithm changed?

Since then Google came in the market of search, it always try to understand the human psychology to deliver the results, and for this, it starts with Google Map, then organic listing, then suggestions in the for of QnA, then listing of organic, then people also search in the form of some content marketing sites, and then a list of some keywords those can help you to find the better result if you not found with your searched keyword.

So, here simple concern is that if you are not aware about the internal search process of Google and other search engines, then your ranking will be useless as there are so many other factors like user experince, showing snippet and landing page presentability, these all factors can not be understood by only doing some on-page and off-page changes.

AI is an important part of Search Algorithm

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way how people interact with online content or search behavior. Google’s AI algorithm is especially worth noting but important to know. Unveiled a few years back this algorithm was called RankBrain and now it plays a very important role in Google’s ranking factors for search engine results pages (SERPs) results.

Greg Corrado, a scientist in senior Google who helped a lot to develop RankBrain, he has previously highlighted the tool’s unique ability to learn: “The other signals, they’re all based on discoveries and insights that people in information retrieval have had, but there’s no learning.” This presumably means that RankBrain will only improve with time to time, making Artificial intelligence is a top SEO trend to watch.

So, the big question is that, how do you optimize your SEO for RankBrain? While the search engine giant won’t share details, experts believe that user experience signals are the primary determinant for the ranking purpose. These could include factors from click-through rate to time spent on page. You need to captivate and engage readers with useful, well-organized content. An on-page SEO checker can help you assess page strength based on points like readability, backlinks, and more.


As of now SEO is getting more complex day by day, as the above list makes you clear. So the days of simply optimizing with keywords and meta titles are gone before a long me. With SEO’s current trends, you have to think about everything from voice control to video SEO and that only an expert can do for you. SERP Metrics are constantly changing day by day, and it’s critical to stay on top of your place in the rankings without a deep study of search algorithms. The right SEO company can help you get the ranking so you need to take help from a smart SEO agency. Hire the Best Digital Marketing Company in India.