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Boost Your Customer Lifetime Value with Loyalty Programs

In this cutting-edge competitive environment, no brand in any industry is safe. Customers are highly volatile and experimental in nature. Options and offers are abundant so also the flow of information. Retaining a customer has become more challenging than ever before. In fact, getting a new customer seems easier than retaining an existing customer. In this condition, customer lifetime value (LTV) is now the primary focus of marketers. It’s now one of the most important metrics for any business that wants to expand their market. Marketers trying and experimenting with every possible tool available to them to enhance the LTV of customers. The Customer Loyalty Program Software is an effective and much cheaper tool providing many advantages to the brands in boosting customer lifetime value.

Develop a Pool of Brand-Loyal Customers with Exclusive Loyalty Programs

Why will your customers spend more? You have to develop a reason. This is where your loyalty programs are relatable. Lifetime value and loyalty are two sides of the same coin. These two factors are inherently linked with one another. With an incentive-based loyalty program, you can induce your customers to spend more on your products. This incentive can be of different forms like special offers, discount coups, direct discounts, money back, and reward points.

Here are a few definite and proven programs that you can adopt anytime to boost your customer lifetime value:

  • Design a point-based loyalty program – This is one of the most used but most effective loyalty programs known to the business world. Points are added with each purchase and after adding some points customers can use the cash value of accumulated points for buying any product.
  • Scratch card system – This is another popular and proven loyalty program. Offer a scratch card for spending a certain minimum amount on your products or services. Keep a surprise gift with each scratch card. This works effectively when every scratch card carries at least a small gift or money back or anything attractive.

  • Tier system – This is one of the best loyalty programs for the long-term engagement of the customers. Customers are assigned tiers according to their monthly, half-yearly, or yearly buying amounts. A higher tier means higher discounts or rewards for a certain period. For example, a tier 1 customer can enjoy a 5% discount on any food item they purchase from your departmental store whereas a tier 2 customer can enjoy a 5% discount on any item they buy from your departmental store.

  • Discounts on purchase from a partner company – This is another way to enhance brand loyalty or lifetime value of customers. Partner with another company or companies whose products or services are someway related to your business. For spending, a certain minimum amount on your products or services offers customers discounted or free products or services of the partner company. For example, if you are a pharmacy, offer a free blood sugar check from a reputed diagnostic center in your city for spending a certain amount from your pharmacy.

  • VIP customer program – Let your customers spend on the subscription for obtaining a lifetime or yearly membership for availing certain exclusive benefits. For example, a member could get the order delivered to their address free while a non-member needs to spend a certain amount for getting the order delivered at the doorstep.

Each and every customer of your business are valuable. Not let them go easily. Pay attention to them because they are the backbone of your business. With simple but result-oriented loyalty programs enhance customer lifetime value. It will make your business relevant and profitable in the long-run.