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Ecommerce is the lifeline for FMCG industry

E-Commerce is proving irresistible. We all have learned one thing from the past year that things can change in an instant. The COVID-19 crisis augmented an increase of e-commerce towards new firms, clients and types of products. It has given the customers with access to a significant range of products from the convenience and safety of their homes, and has helped firms to continue functioning despite contact restrictions and other quarantine measures.

E-commerce has become a necessity for many companies in today’s world. With the rising demand for online shopping, a lot of businesses are moving from physical store to an electronic one. A lot of people buy and sell the products or services through electronic systems such as Internet or other computer networks.

Following are the benefits that prove how ecommerce is a lifeline for FMCG industry-

A wide range of products and services – E-commerce lets the customers to select a product or service of their choice from any dealer anywhere in the globe. The customer has a broader choice than he would have had in a brick-and-mortar store, plus the freedom to see the offer without any stress or hurry is invaluable. Because of space constraints, the seller can store only the minimum quantity of goods in the shop. On the other side, a virtual store permits you to store many goods without taking inventory cost into consideration. Therefore businesses offer the consumers an extensive variety of products.

Simplicity and comfort – Customers can purchase any product from any e-commerce in the world without stepping out from their workplace or home. Because of bad weather, economic state or for any other reason, a lot of people cannot go shopping.

E-commerce saves money – Costs incurred by a supplier of products or services in collaboration with an intermediary are paid by the customer. When there is no middleman, the customer might not have to spend too much money. Products offered on the Internet are normally cheaper than those in the stores. 

Ecommerce saves time – Saving time is one of the important benefits of online shopping. The time needed to select, purchase, and pay for an online product is not much. Products are delivered to the customers in a short period of time. Even if you order heavy goods, the service provider will get them to your doorstep.

After the Indian economy became global, the next major move in the consumer industry is e-commerce. E-commerce increases the consumer’s skill to purchase by providing the options of EMI, cash on delivery and special discounts. With the growing Internet accessibility, buyers are using e-commerce rapidly. Indian buyer is becoming aware and using all the means of comparisons on various shopping websites and choose the best price. E-commerce has turn up with the options of pay on delivery and is helping to protect the market which was untouched from quite some time.

  • Transparent evaluation through the markets and within the online sellers.
  • Daily discounts and offers – Promise the reasonable price in the market and next day delivery.
  • Access to shopping swiftly, no traffic, no weather challenges and home delivery.
  • 30 days return policy through cash on delivery and payment option via EMIs.

For the consumers, it is an easier and faster way to shop. Ecommerce has certainly changed the way people go shopping. The future is bright for this innovative commercial venture. Contact us today for eCommerce Solution and Digital Marketing Services.