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Which is best among Angular, React and Vue

Angular is an open-source framework mostly used to create web apps, single-page web applications, & hybrid apps. Angular is made on TypeScript, maintained and developed by Google. It is a complete tool kit that has everything designers need to make large-scale applications. No wonder it increases popularity: leading industries, such as Xbox, BMW, Forbes, and a lot more select Angular over React for the front-end development.

Features of Angular-

  • Two-way Data Band
  • Built with TypeScript
  • Dependency Injection
  • Controlling Templating System
  • Complete Testing Framework
  • Component-Based Planning
  • Re-active Programming with RxJS
  • Built-in Routing

Projects built with Angular-

  • Samsung Forward
  • Forbes
  • Microsoft Office Home
  • BMW Driveaway Price-Calculator

ReactJS or React was established by Facebook as front-end Java-Script library to build user interfaces (UI). It uses a declaratory style of programming to explain the UI state. React permits the programmers to figure-out how their application will look for users as well as how they will interact with it. React is even used to build web apps, and native-rendered apps, and also mobile apps.

Features of React.js-

  • Component-based Architecture
  • Virtual DOM
  • Declarative Programming
  • Complete Testing Framework
  • Reusability
  • JSX syntax Extension
  • Unidirectional Data-Flow
  • Huge Open-Source Community

What is Vue.js-

Vue.js is an open-source JS framework to build user interfaces & single-page apps. Vue.js emphases on offering developers with an easy yet commanding toolkit for creating modern web apps with minimal effort. It is an advanced framework that could be used for creating everything from small modules to large, complicated apps. With its instinctive API, extensive library of modules and comprehensive documentation, Vue.js makes it easy-going for the developers to rapidly build high- quality web apps that are both fast & responsive.

Vue.js Features-

  • Reactivity
  • Virtual DOM
  • Component-Based Architecture
  • Directives
  • Ecosystem
  • Template System
  • CLI

Choosing the correct JS framework for your project could be a challenging job. Following are a few factors to take into account while making your verdict:

  • Project necessities: Consider the particular needs of your project. What kind of app are you building? What functionality and features are essential? Different frames have different fortes and flaws, and a few are better suitable for some types of projects than the others.
  • Performance: Consider the functioning of a framework. The efficiency and speed of frameworks can influence the user-experience of your app, particularly for large and complicated applications.
  • Compatibility: Take into account the compatibility of a framework with other technologies and tools that you use for your project, like databases or backend frameworks.
  • Scalability: Contemplate the scalability of a framework. Can a framework handle the expansion and growth of your app as your user base & feature set rise?

By considering the above factors and doing the research, you can certainly make an informed choice and select the accurate JS framework for your project.