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How do you know your applications are secure?

Application security is the procedure of developing, adding & testing security features within the applications to stop security vulnerabilities against threats like unauthorized access & modification. In current years, the media attentiveness on the lack of safety has augmented. Every day we come to know about data being taken/stolen, systems are being hacked as well as held for ransom & now election campaigns also being targeted.

The importance of security
Companies use a lot of apps today, most of them written completely or partly by the third-party developers, which means that the company does not have a lot of control on the security protections that those developers build in their software. This is true if it is about a product, instead
of a custom-built application. For the developers, building a safe system is hard, and therefore is more costly than not clearly thinking about safety.

Application security testing
If your company is presently using apps of which you are uncertain that they provide safety against the most commonly used hacks, there are techniques to get sureness. There is a host of tools accessible online that would scan your app & system settings for most commonly exploited
susceptibilities. Also, a better approach used by some customers is to hire an independent safety expert to execute a penetration test. While a security specialist makes a penetration test,

they make use of the similar online tools obtainable to you. The difference of course is their awareness of app security, which they would also utilize to manually test the app. Such penetration test result in a report, which will recognize susceptibilities, each with a stated severity ranging from minor to critical.
With such report you will get a better know-how of the quality of safety your app offers. It is sensible to execute a penetration test once a year. Validate that the individual who implements the tests is independent.

Encrypt your data
Encryption is the basic procedure of encoding data to protect it from anybody who is not lawful to access it. Encryption itself doesn’t prevent interference in transfer of the data but obscures the logical content to those who are not approved to access it.
Encryption is not just the most common form of shielding sensitive info across transit, however it can be used to secure data “at rest” like data that is stored in files/databases or other storage devices. When using API’s and Web Services you must not only implement a verification plan for entities retrieving them, however the data within those services must be encrypted in some way.