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UX Design vs Product Design: The Detailed Comparison

User Experience or UX design helps to build the products that provide a significant experience to the users. The design procedure is to design the whole technique of getting & combining the product which covers several attributes of design, function, branding and usability.

Product design is a collective method of making a product from the beginning to end. The process comprises everything from managing the market study, identifying issues, creating the product, getting comprehensive solutions, as well as other related activities.

Product designers attempt to solve real-world problems and create easy-to-use products. Their main responsibility is to consider several vital product features, which causes an effective design & marketing.

Difference between Product Design & UX Design-

The major difference among these two design job responsibilities is in their features. Product designer is more calculated, while a UX designer is way more strategic. Following are the main points as to how they differ in every aspect:

1. Designing Methods – The primary duty of a UX designer is to define how a product feels. They create interaction designs & write product usage circumstances. They make a prototype for user interface. Besides, they record the activities of the user through numerous testing tactics such as email surveys & A/B testing.

Whereas, product designers normally make the feel & look of the whole product. They provide data about functions of some particular parts of a product. Also, they discover a market scope as well as make plans for applying solution to the problems.

2. Targets & Responsibilities – Responsibilities and attention also decide how the product designer varies from the UX designer. A product designer mainly focuses on business requirements more than a UX designer who is primarily concerned with user necessities.

3. Skill Set Needed – The skillset is the most important difference among product design & UX design. Though the basic things would be alike, the specifications are diverse. Product designer must be good at analytical and logical thinking. A strategic attitude is mandatory for a product designer, since they work with planning & designing. UX designers should be efficient in studying & assembling data. Normally, they use UX copy; thus, they must also have decent writing knowledge.

4. Tools Required – Product designers work with sketch & mind mapping tools, while UX designers use wireframe and interactive design tools.

5. Qualifications needed for the Designers – There is no major difference among the qualifications of the product designers & UX designers. They are almost the same in this matter-

  • Professional experience in the required segment.
  • Degree with a suitable specialization.
  • Detailed knowledge of the design methods (preparation, instructing & application)

The essential qualifications may differ from company to company; but the stated qualifications are important.