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The Difference Between Java and JavaScript

While the two (Java vs JavaScript) have similar names, both are totally unpredicted programming languages. Java is a full-highlighted, normally useful, programming language which is mainly used in worker side, multipurpose turn of events, & moreover, run in programs.
Since Java is a neat programming language, it follows remarkably severe composing & approves the projecting of references. Java vs JavaScript, both are unbelievably productive Computer Programming languages which are used immensely in the present and up-to-date world.

Difference Between Java & JavaScript
Java is a Programming language and is one of the difficult languages to learn while Java script is a scripting language and very easy to learn. JavaScript is simpler than Java as it needs less tools & prior understanding of development kits. You require just a text editor, as well as programming knowledge to begin writing a code for web development. Java is a pure Object-Oriented Programming Language and needs a large amount of memory. On the other hand, JavaScript is Object-Based Language & doesn’t need much memory. Java is a Standalone language and is compiled before execution; however, JavaScript needs to be combined into an HTML program for the execution. In Java, web-browser is not needed to run java programs but it is essential in JavaScript programs. Java is stored on host machine as a “Byte” code but JavaScript is stored as a “source” text. Java is static language whereas JavaScript is dynamic language.

Java can be utilized for various types of app development comprising:

  1. Mobile application development
  2. Big Data Technologies
  3. Cloud-based Apps
  4. Web-Based Apps
  5. IoT Applications

JavaScript is mainly used for front-side development however with the newest updates & introduction of Node. JavaScript can be utilized for building web and server apps, game development, mobile and web app development.

Java is utilized to make applications on browsers or devices, while JavaScript is used mainly on HTML documents & browsers. Diverse plug-ins are used to use Java & JavaScript. Companies that are using Java include Airbnb, Netflix and Google; companies using JavaScript are PayPal, Uber and Microsoft. A number of game engines, like Kiwi and Bablyno, make use of JavaScript to modify their gameplay.