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QR Code Loyalty Program for Recurring Business

Today, most of the industries are running high on competition. With new companies emerging and making an identity in the market; with the new generation popping in; with more and more businesses making inroads to a highly energetic and competitive landscape, it has become even more important for companies to retain their loyal customers while attracting new ones. It is no longer possible for businesses to retain or get customers strictly based on their products, so today we are talking about QR code based loyalty program software for your business.

People love to get cash backs and rewards on their favourite products. We all have received these QR code rewards in the shape of coupons. But our exploitation of nature has barred us from using plastic coupons. It is a time of modernization and sustainability where it is necessary to have something that never harms nature. The QR code loyalty programs that strongly work as mobile app based programs are the best options to boost customer loyalty effectively at an affordable price. 

QR Code Loyalty Program 

It is a software program that is digitally designed. A personalized and well-thought QR based customer loyalty program can help in customer retention and generate positive ROI. Businesses keeping their customers happy get their ROI remarkably increased. Customers tend to spend more when a business caters to them personally. Loyalty programs result in increased high traffic, improved APRU (average revenue per user), and order frequency boost. This simple way to make a relationship between the customer and the business helps brands retain customers and advocate the brand. A constant solution in the case of loyalty programs does not exist. Personalizing these programs according to each customer’s demand is the best way. 

Implementing Personalized Messaging

Business looking forward to customer retention can go with this simple yet effective way as customers connects on a great level with any business that approaches personalized ideas. Based on the taste, spending and shopping behaviour of the customers, programs are preferred by customers than anything else. Provide timely and relevant offers through dynamic QR codes.

Tailor-Made Strategy

It is necessary to identify the goals of a business to plan ROI and KPI accordingly. These parameters must be kept in mind and correct technology while making personalized programs based on the customers’ expectations. 

Omnichannel Platform

Survey says approximately 2.7 billion users have smartphones. This comes to the advantage of the companies. Businesses can make use of this by leveraging loyalty programs based on QR codes on multiple platforms. Customers will get more ways to connect with the brand through social media platforms, direct mail campaigns, flyers, mobile apps and emails. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are a great way to reach people and lure them to your business. Promotions and offers on social media platforms compel people to visit a website. Businesses should add some instructions for those users who are not much aware of QR code included programs. 

To attract new customers, businesses need to make advertisement for loyalty programs. The advertisement helps to reach prospective customers who are yet to follow your pages. While social media campaigns cater to the public in general, email campaigns are great tools for personalized loyalty programs. This is good for catering to a different segment of the audience. The same can be done with an SMS campaign. The QR code must be included in the URL, which makes it easier for activation.


Communicating with customers helps to gain their trust and loyalty while attracting a targeted audience. Please make use of analytics data to reach customers through the channel they use most. If a business reaches a customer through emails, it is a good option to offer an incentive or a coupon based on spending habits. 

The Bottom Line

You consider any loyalty program that are eventually exploding their way to enrich customer experience and satisfaction, the new generation calls for mobile app based programs with the constantly increasing number of mobile phone users and of course, increased penetration of internet all across in the recent span of years. This clearly states that whatever experience you aspire to give to your customers, make sure to engage them with something they are acquainted to. And what can be more popular that a mobile phone in the current era?

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