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How to Engage Customers Post-Purchase – Loyalty Program Strategy!

Happy customers are the most vital part of the victory of any business. To attain this, you must stay connected with relevant promotions & significant updates about their procurements. Reaching out often is not only significant to boost brand loyalty as well as build long-term clients but also to talk any challenges they face through various channels. If your client is a first-time purchaser, you should strive to upgrade them to reprise customers by providing personalized experiences & communications entirely meant to involve them in an appropriate way. 

Advantages of Using Post-Purchase SMS Marketing Policy

Following are some of the advantages of using post-purchase communication:

  • SMS messaging is the quickest way to reach clients directly & 62% of marketers trust that delivery speed is the major advantage of SMS marketing.
  • SMS channel is measured one of the exceedingly engaging communication techniques for customers with 82% of them effectively opening every text message & 60% of users reading them in 5 mins of getting them.
  • SMS acts as an efficient revenue channel & marketers using cross-channel plan observed a 250% rise in purchase and engagement rate than the ones with single-channel movements.
  • SMS loyalty program is chosen by 50% of the consumers if proposed flash sales, deals or exclusive coupons to the members.

Tips for Post-Purchase Flow to Get Maximum Campaign Performance:

Post-purchase marketing plays a huge role as it aids to continue delivering value to the customers after purchases & ensures positive client relationships. This way of ongoing conversations with the customers even after acquisition provides coupons, order updates, cross sell new products, requesting for reviews, along with others.

Listed below is post-purchase flow that can be followed to attain supreme benefits & increase in revenue.

  • Thank-you for your purchase message: Beginning with a humble thank you note instantly after purchase, the SMS operation must be performed in such a way that you let the order to be managed as well as the transactional message to be activated first before sending. You could do so by sharing your gratitude and appreciation for being your client with a warm post-purchase message. The SMS campaign can be extremely valuable for contributing toward client loyalty. 
  • Propose Loyalty Rewards with a Feedback Form: The next communication message ought to be customized according to the customer’s purchase history & then make use of division with the modified thread as per on order count or consumer lifetime value. 
  • Communicate with Reactivation & Win-back Efforts: Once the customers become less engaged or cut-off to make a re-purchase, it is time to shoot SMS with continuation reactivation to earn back their attention based on business’s vertical & buying cycle. 

If you want to automate SMS campaigns for your business & encourage the consumers to make repeat purchases, our end-to-end Rewards Program can help businesses target each customer with personalized content as per their journey. To know more about the services and features, book a demo with Razorse to understand how you can turn one-time buyers to the long-term repeat customers.