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Benefits of Self Kiosks machine – Hospitality Industry Kiosks

The self kiosks or the ‘self serve hotel kiosks’ are a recent phenomenon in the hospitality industry. Hotels across the world are taking up this new practice, clearly explaining its numerous benefits. These kiosks are used to check the guests in and out of the hotel and issue key cards. These intelligent kiosks have eased client management in the hospitality industry.

Benefits of self kiosks machine

Here is a quick guide to the several benefits of these automated kiosk machines –

No long queues

With the self-serving kiosks in place, the hotel authorities, its staff, and the guests can bid a final adieu to long queues in front of the reception center. Now with several kiosks in the position multiple guests can start filling up their details in these kiosks to get an entry and a room in the hotel at the earliest. This is how a crowd is distributed throughout the reception lobby and other points in the hotel area and the process of checking in the guests becomes faster and easier.

Maximum staff utilization

Now that the hotel and the reception staff are no longer responsible for the check-in of the guests the manpower of the hotels can be better utilized. The same manpower can be used for carrying out other functions that can add to the customer delight of the guests. This is how the optimum utilization of manpower is possible.

Better data management

When the guests feed in their own data, like their names, mobile numbers, email ids, address, date of birth, health issues, etc chances of making mistakes in recording the data is reduced to a large extent. This can help the management and the other staff of the hotel in their official work in times to come.

Multiple data

The system of feeding in information through the self-serving kiosks is rather discreet and prompt. Data assimilated as per the designed system that the management or the serving personnel can access quickly through their systems. Through this process of generating data, the hotel management and staff can serve their clients better. Even the guests feel comfortable providing the information silently.

Flexibility and convenience for guests

Research and survey reveal that these kiosks have increased the convenience and the flexibility index of not just the hotel staff but also the guests. Now the guests can easily access these kiosks in any part of the hotel and they need not go to the reception lobby every time for updated information. This self-service system adds to the freedom and privacy of the guests.

Can promote other services

The hotel management can offer various service programs in their portfolio for an improved experience of their guests. The hotel management can give complete information of all the other services that the guests can avail during their stay in the hotel. This is a strategically indirect but effective way of promoting the other services of the hotel and improves its business volume.


Guests on their arrival are informed about designed packages they can avail in terms of the services available and the prices they need to pay. Often the guests do not agree with all the elements of the package. A kiosk can be a perfect solution to this problem. Through these kiosks now the guests can select all the services and the amenities they are looking for and can pay just for them.

Kiosks have proven to be a huge boon for the hotels and the hospitality industry. These amazing machines embedded with artificial intelligence and data management system have been making the hospitality industry more dynamic and customer-oriented. In near future the use of self kiosks machine will be indispensable in this industry.

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