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UV Sanitizer – A game changer Technology

UV-C portable sanitizer it is the best way to sanitize without human touch, and people are welcoming it, but a lot of us know really know about this and want to know how it will work, as of now everyone is saying to wash hand and face is the best way to kill Corona Virus, and we keep sanitize high-touch surfaces buy various liquid germs killers now these days. But we never use these hygiene methods on our smart phones, keys and other daily essentials those run by electricity or battery, so our these need is the base of UV sterilizer’s invention.

What we need to know about UV Technology?

UV technology (ultra violet light disinfection technology) is one of the age old and very important technologies in our world. We all knows that UV stands for “ultra violet” ray which is used in this UV technology to apply in different field for different purposes. As we know that sun ray is containing ultra violet rays and is able to disinfect the bacteria and viruses. So, UV or “ultra violet” is a spectrum of light which is not visible by the naked human eyes. The UV is divided into 4 parts- VUV spectrum (100 – 200 nm), UVC spectrum (200 – 280 nm), UVB spectrum (280 – 315 nm), and UVA spectrum (315 -400 nm). We use UV-C spectrum to disinfect the bacteria and viruses.

What we need to know about UV-C Technology?

As I said we use UV-C spectrum to disinfect the bacteria and viruses so we can say UV-C spectrum is a germicidal spectrum. Means in this region of light UV contains the peak germicidal wavelength. UV-C light is very effective and strong ray to kill all type of viruses, bacteria and germs, as the wavelength in this spectrum stands in between 200 nano-meter to 280 nano meter.

Our UV Sanitizer is designed with a special bulb and it emits UV-C rays to destroy virus, germs and bacteria. With the proper use of UV-C technology we can destroy more than 99.99% of all pathogens within a second. Therefore, it is doing sanitation work without any chemicals, without harmful side effects, inexpensively, highly efficiently and absolutely reliably.

Core Benefits of UV-C Technology

  • Effective for all types of micro-organisms, bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa.
  • No disinfection by-products (DBPs) formed
  • Operating cost is low
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Radiation is not able penetrate skin, so its safe.
  • Safe and environmentally friendly
  • HACCP compliance

How does a UV Sterilizer work?

Our well designed UV Sterilizer or Sanitizer primarily works by using special bulbs that emit the right amount of Ultra Violet (UV)-C light with proper wavelength, that is actually needed to kill bacteria on smooth surfaces. UV light is considered effective as it damages the DNA of bacteria and the DNA or RNA of viruses. That said, if you damage the DNA of the bacteria it dies, and if you damage the nucleic acid of the virus enough it cannot infect.

Also, we set a timer in our product so that you can get knowledge about the duration of disinfection, and in our product the process starts after 20 second so that you can protect yourself from rays, as these rays are not good for the skin.

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