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Advantages and limitations of React Native

React is a JavaScript language used for front-end development. It is used for building UI & is developed by Facebook. Moreover, it is used to build SEO-friendly, dynamic, single-page apps, mobile applications, visualization tools and dashboards.

Its interactive interface is planned effortlessly using the components where they obtain data as well as render displays. React turns out to be more flexible with the use of added libraries like React Native. It improves the development speed if compared to other Java Script frameworks.

Advantages of using React-

1. Easy to use and understand – It is quite easy to learn since it comes along with a set of tutorials, documentation and training resources. Besides, as it is built on JavaScript, it makes it easy for the developers to get acquainted with React if they have JavaScript understanding. Developers can build web apps with it in just a couple of days because of its ease of serviceability.

2. Easy to create dynamic web apps – Normally, building dynamic web apps needs HTML strings, making them more complicated. However, with React, you can simply construct the dynamic web apps because it is built on JavaScript, enabling the developers to create them effortlessly with less coding.

3. Reusable components – React has numerous components in which every component has its logic and controls. These elements are rendered recyclable pieces of HTML, which signifies that they can be loaded on different pages repetitively without any alteration in the features. You only have to edit the modules and the modifications will be noticeable across the pages.

4. SEO Optimization – Normally, JavaScript frameworks doesn’t work well with heavy JavaScript apps as they have difficulty reading them. Developers have normally criticized its usage, however with React, developers can navigate the search engines with comfort as React apps run on the server, & virtual DOM renders as well as returns to the browser easily.

Limitations of React

1. Excessive rates of development – It continually keeps altering with the variation in the environment because of which the developers have to keep updating and re-learning new skills and discovering new ways of working. It could get difficult for the developers to accept the modification in the environment and continually revise new skills.

2. Outdated documentation – Its development cycle is pretty short making the accessible documentation outdated too fast. Plus, the community has to keep re-learning latest skills and tools to make sure quick responses and investigations.

3. Updated Documentation – The continual upgradation in the technology is so fast that there is no time to create and build documentation. Normally, developers face difficulties, and thus to deal with it they have to write the instructions once new tools & releases become accessible.

4. Performance issue – Moreover, you cannot use HTML markup in .js files while minifying or compressing files as its Webpack does not allow it leading to a rise in performance disputes.

The main reason why it is popular amongst the developers is that it is very easy to learn & code. Moreover, with React you can grow your library by customizing it & adding different tools such as Redux, better you contact with a professional Native App Development Company in India