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Risks and Solutions while using QR Codes

QR codes are extremely common today, enough that the attackers are discovering ways to use them for profit.Quick Response (QR) codes are two-dimensional barcodes used to permitthe users to access data or web-based resources (URLs).

While the technology might have originally been unnoticed by the West, QR codes become more commonly used in 2020 because of the Covid-19 outbreak.Businesses, governments and other administrations turned to the technology as a way to track social movements.Governments in US, Europe, and Asia also used QR codes as part of the coronavirus track-and-trace systems.

QR Code Security Issues

1– First, hackers can inject your phone with malware. This direct approach needs nothing more than an unsuspicious employee or consumer to scan a QR code out of interest leading to an infected site. Just by visiting an infected site can activate a malicious download. One instance of how they can deliver this attack method is by sending the QR code in an email that seems to be genuine and hence attracting the user to scan it.
2– Second, the attacker leads you to a phishing website to steal your credentials or to achieve access to your private info on your mobile device. Phishing sites can be difficult to detect. They use a related-looking Universal Resource Locator (URL) to a confidential site. Another approach is by changing the domain extension. For instance, they change the “.org” to “.com.” Other times, there is a small change in the spelling of an URL that so hard to differentiate that it tricks the user. When the user visits the phishing website, username/login credentials are demanded. After the attacker has your log in, they can access your accounts, see private information, make changes and cause irreversible loss to your company name.
3– Third, cybercriminals can print-out free encoding tools on the internet to make the QR codes. They print the QR code on adhesive paper and place it over a valid QR code, or they can mail a malicious QR code to an unsuspecting customer.
4– Fourth, there’s always the danger that an attacker finds a bug in a code reader application that could end in the exploitation of cameras or sensors in phones or other devices.

Solutions toavoid QR Code scams:

Users have numerous ways to reduce the risk of QR code scams and security issues.

1– If anyone seems to send a QR code, connect with the supposed sender and enquire if they sent it.
2– Watch for URL-shortened links appearing after scanning the QR code, which could hide malicious URLs.
3– Organizations: Position a mobile defense solution that blocks the phishing attempts, exploits, phone takeover and unlawful downloads.
4– Embrace multifactor verification in place of password access to the applications and cloud resources.

It is very important nowadays to cover all your bases when it is about mobile data security. Defending against pervasive and rising malicious QR codes must be on top of that list.

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Know what makes Customer’s Loyal to a Brand

Yes, this is the biggest question for every business person 7 out of 10 that “what makes customer’s loyal to a brand”, so there are many reasons why businesses are encouraged to make customer’s loyalty towards a brand. On the basis of these business analyst did a big research and bring a term “customer loyalty program” and really it’s a price effective way to win your customer’s trust and grow your business day by day. This customer loyalty program can helps to address a number of your most vital concerns about growing your business. It’s really so effective that it can work as a part of your marketing strategy campaign also.

Explore the key benefits of getting a customer loyalty program:

Boosts Revenues.

A loyalty program helps in increasing your profits. Loyal customers trust your business, which inspires them to spend more. consistent with research, once you increase customer retention by just 5%, your revenues can increase by as low as 25% and by as high as 100%. The program helps in giving incentives to customers that they really desire. This helps in bringing them back and spending more on your products or services.

No More price war

The Best customer loyalty program assist you move before the competition. It does away with the necessity to compete on price. It adds great value to your product/service that keeps drawing new and existing customers to your brand. once you reward someone, you’re connecting with them at an emotional level. This puts price almost out of the equation. This further helps your customers see your brand as something quite an area to shop for products/services.

Draw New Customers

Your rewards program can do far more than retaining your existing customers. you’ll also use it to draw in new customers. Offering discounts and points for signing-up can draw the eye to new customers, encouraging them to joining your list . If your program is straightforward and allows easier access to rewards, more customers would want to shop for from your brand. Besides, word-of-mouth publicity by your existing customers can further help promote your program to new customers.

Build Brand Advocates

The Best customer loyalty programs can turn your customers in to brand advocates. you’ll be getting far more for the discount , compared to not having such a program. many purchasers wish to not only get value for his or her money, they also wish to help others make the proper buying decisions. consistent with surveys, 7 in 10 millennials want to assist their family and friends to form smart buying decisions.

Save pile.
It is documented that acquiring new customers is an upscale and time-consuming process. it’s less expensive to get business from existing customers than checking out and drawing new customers. Loyalty program makes it possible for you to draw in new customers without having to spend big on the method . Studies show that retaining an existing customer costs only a fraction of what it costs to accumulate a replacement customer.

Access Valuable Data.
The benefits of getting a loyalty program go even further. It also allows you to collect data which will be wont to personalize the customer experience. a part of the method requires getting data from customers once they sign-up. This data are often used for personalizing their buying experience and in creating highly effective marketing campaigns. The result’s building a robust bond together with your customers that keep bringing them back for more.

A Loyalty Program Software helps in making your customers feel appreciated. They desire being valued by your brand. whenever you surprise them with rewards, you’re giving them a much bigger reason to stay with you and promote your brand. It helps retain customers, increase customer lifetime value, draws in new customers, improves communication, and helps build relationships at personal levels that go an extended way. Thus, there are many reasons to make a loyalty program.

Self SEO will no More Help Business Owners

As a part of Digital Marketing agency in Delhi, I met so many business owners every month to explain them that what is Digital Marketing? how it will grow your business? how you will lot of business from search engine and social media?, and really a few understand this but a lots of them starts guiding me that there is nothing in SEO only a game with Google with few keywords and the same with social media like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter.

Means you will create a few creatives and post on these social media platform, that I can also do, what extra or special you will do for which you are charging a good fee to me, actually they were right becasue we all are do same things in our day to day life, but the style of doing make different from others, like there are so many MBBS doctors in a location but one doctor have a wonderful crowed while a lot of doctors are waiting for the patient, what is the reason while they all are MBBS doctor?

Also, there is one very interesting thing happened with one Doctor, I visited his clinic a few months back, he called me for the promotion of their website, he said me that he has a website that he made with the help of youtube and WordPress, he put meta tags, written content, created separate pages for the various treatment but site is not ranking, and they also told me that as per Hummingbird update of Google the Keyword targeting became irrelevant so I want to know how can I promote my website.

How to convince a Smart Doctor

I was shocked that, how they can do too much work as a doctor, but still, I feel that nowadays it is very easy to create website, place content etc, but the main work is to bring the website in rank, make people to click on your website’s snippet and than visit website to understand your work and try to connect with you, but actually their made website is the simple free template of WordPress without meta tags, header tags, images etc. this is the actual side effect of online education without good guidance.

SO, I asked them, what do you want from me, they said I want traffic and leads on my website, I said them yes it is possible, but for this you need to redesign your website, re-write the content and then only I will start a promotion, they said no-no I will do my self you guide me, LoL, really very smart, I asked them, if a patient come to you as share some problem of dehydration what will you? they said immediate admit and start giving them glucose, I said so nice! but what if they asked you the reason, doctor said I will tell them there lack of water in the body so need to give, amazing, then I said they can asked you means all the water that I consumed till the time is wasted? doctor start thinking and I asked please let me know… and i said maybe that person say you I will arrange this you only guide..now Doctor become speechless and said please let me know your fee, this was the right decision, means give your site to an expert to handle.

How Google ranking algorithm changed?

Since then Google came in the market of search, it always try to understand the human psychology to deliver the results, and for this, it starts with Google Map, then organic listing, then suggestions in the for of QnA, then listing of organic, then people also search in the form of some content marketing sites, and then a list of some keywords those can help you to find the better result if you not found with your searched keyword.

So, here simple concern is that if you are not aware about the internal search process of Google and other search engines, then your ranking will be useless as there are so many other factors like user experince, showing snippet and landing page presentability, these all factors can not be understood by only doing some on-page and off-page changes.

AI is an important part of Search Algorithm

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way how people interact with online content or search behavior. Google’s AI algorithm is especially worth noting but important to know. Unveiled a few years back this algorithm was called RankBrain and now it plays a very important role in Google’s ranking factors for search engine results pages (SERPs) results.

Greg Corrado, a scientist in senior Google who helped a lot to develop RankBrain, he has previously highlighted the tool’s unique ability to learn: “The other signals, they’re all based on discoveries and insights that people in information retrieval have had, but there’s no learning.” This presumably means that RankBrain will only improve with time to time, making Artificial intelligence is a top SEO trend to watch.

So, the big question is that, how do you optimize your SEO for RankBrain? While the search engine giant won’t share details, experts believe that user experience signals are the primary determinant for the ranking purpose. These could include factors from click-through rate to time spent on page. You need to captivate and engage readers with useful, well-organized content. An on-page SEO checker can help you assess page strength based on points like readability, backlinks, and more.


As of now SEO is getting more complex day by day, as the above list makes you clear. So the days of simply optimizing with keywords and meta titles are gone before a long me. With SEO’s current trends, you have to think about everything from voice control to video SEO and that only an expert can do for you. SERP Metrics are constantly changing day by day, and it’s critical to stay on top of your place in the rankings without a deep study of search algorithms. The right SEO company can help you get the ranking so you need to take help from a smart SEO agency. Hire the Best Digital Marketing Company in India.

Digital Marketing Predictions in 2021 for Business Growth

Yogi Berra gave a quote that “The future ain’t what it used to be.” and do you know who is Mr Yogi Berra, he is a late hall of fame player of baseball, we are also doing the same and thinking the same, and based on so many research, we can conclude.

As a market researcher, we always do some predictions of the technology, user behavior, and products demands, so we have some predictions for the future, growth, and scope of Digital Marketing in the Year 2021 and beyond, I collected these from some thoughtful business leaders I polled, plus a few of mine own prognostications.

Here are the first predictions from Elena Filimonova, a senior vice president of global marketing of the 7,500-person, New York City (USA) based IT services providing firm:

  • A new term that gets stabilized is “Influencers Marketing” so the Importance of Influencers Will Increase a lot. “various B2C brands now dependent on influencers as a way to engage with online customers,” said Filimonova. “While a few B2B brands have jumped on this bandwagon, B2B marketers should focus on some different type of influencer in the year 2021: like Their immediate network. Partners, customers, and employees will become a more essential part of a brand’s marketing strategy, and as technology buyers, they are becoming more reliant on their peer network for the solution of knowledge.
  • The next term that will emerge is the review, so the Peer Reviews will Be more Important. “A recent consumer survey report from Edelman found that around 77% of consumers surveyed say that peer reviews are either deal-breakers or deciding factors in their brand-buying decisions,” Filimonova says. “As B2B marketers look to mirror the B2C approach in 2021 and attract high-paying enterprise clients, trust becomes increasingly important – from both the peer-to-peer network perspective and the growing influencer demographic.”
  • After a long term of lockdown, people are started trusting the online communities, so online reviews Will Become Even More Important as of now. The B2B technology community trusts one source of information over anything else – their peers. “A recent study found that around 60% of enterprise technology buyers use online reviews to identify any kind of solutions,” Filimonova has said. “Many B2B technology buyers rely on internal forums that are moderated by users, allowing them to ask questions and share real-life feedback. To encourage your customers to participate, ask them for feedback at the point they are most compelled to leave it.”
  • Somehow term positive becomes negative, but still we say to Marketers that they Should Focus On The Positive. “Entice employee stakeholders to share their experiences on peer-to-peer platforms,” Filmonova told. “Educate your team members on the best practices for using social platforms. Encourage them to connect on social – the more they see what their colleagues are doing, the more likely they are to join the conversation and improve the user experience.”
  • Now, we have to talk over the inside betterment but in this External Influencers Won’t Be Forgotten, as they still have worth. “But B2B companies should re-evaluate how they are engaging with them,” says Filimonova. “Just like with employees, give influencers content they want to be associated with. This may require asking them to comment on the results of proprietary industry surveys your company conducted. Another way is to invite the influencer to join a webinar panel to create a relevant audience. Influencers are looking for brands to help boost their professional profiles among the audiences who can buy our products.”

We try our best to share a few predictions from the growth of digital marketing by the expert and speaker Lisa Apolinski, she is the owner of 3 Dog Write in Phoenix, she wrote a wonderful book “Weathering the Digital Storm” and Recently she explains some digital marketing 2021 forecasts in a seminar and here are three major points she made:

  • Keep a keen Looks at your Marketing Budgets. In a survey, Apolinski said that “With an impending economic recession and political uncertainty, companies will look at how they are spending their dollars on service-related items,”. “Because of this, companies will be more critical and discerning of what service agencies are brought in, including talking to past clients and looking at consistent thought leadership.”
  • Bring trust in between your new and old clients. “Potential customers are becoming more distrustful of what they read in your digital space, and rightly so,” says Apolinski. “Companies need to show consistent and truthful communication. If there is any misalignment or inconsistency (or something that seems off), prospects will discover it and make sure others know too.”
  • Always Be Humble and polite. “Communication that brings in compassion and humility will be able to cut through the digital noise to touch and inspire audiences will boost your business,” says Apolinski.

Here are some marketing predictions that concluded by me and my team:

  • Client Attraction is a Chain Reaction. Let me explain this to you, For attracting high-paying clients, marketers will quit looking for the silver bullet and focus on a whole marketing approach. The focus will be on the articulation of outcomes, results, and alignment. Articulation is everything because with the help of this you can share your views with clients and client can express their requirements with you, so this a chain reaction that once started will never end.
  • Budgets should be More Prioritized. The year 2020 is about to go and the new year 2021 is about to come, although the economic growth that was predicted for years 2020 has been delayed a lot, digital marketing can change the market growth, as people love to come online, buy and sale online.

The Digital Marketing Future in 2021 will reward those who seize thevv day. Nobody can control the future of anyone but we can try to make it better with our best efforts. Get the Best Digital Marketing Services in India.

Benefits of Self Kiosks machine – Hospitality Industry Kiosks

The self kiosks or the ‘self serve hotel kiosks’ are a recent phenomenon in the hospitality industry. Hotels across the world are taking up this new practice, clearly explaining its numerous benefits. These kiosks are used to check the guests in and out of the hotel and issue key cards. These intelligent kiosks have eased client management in the hospitality industry.

Benefits of self kiosks machine

Here is a quick guide to the several benefits of these automated kiosk machines –

No long queues

With the self-serving kiosks in place, the hotel authorities, its staff, and the guests can bid a final adieu to long queues in front of the reception center. Now with several kiosks in the position multiple guests can start filling up their details in these kiosks to get an entry and a room in the hotel at the earliest. This is how a crowd is distributed throughout the reception lobby and other points in the hotel area and the process of checking in the guests becomes faster and easier.

Maximum staff utilization

Now that the hotel and the reception staff are no longer responsible for the check-in of the guests the manpower of the hotels can be better utilized. The same manpower can be used for carrying out other functions that can add to the customer delight of the guests. This is how the optimum utilization of manpower is possible.

Better data management

When the guests feed in their own data, like their names, mobile numbers, email ids, address, date of birth, health issues, etc chances of making mistakes in recording the data is reduced to a large extent. This can help the management and the other staff of the hotel in their official work in times to come.

Multiple data

The system of feeding in information through the self-serving kiosks is rather discreet and prompt. Data assimilated as per the designed system that the management or the serving personnel can access quickly through their systems. Through this process of generating data, the hotel management and staff can serve their clients better. Even the guests feel comfortable providing the information silently.

Flexibility and convenience for guests

Research and survey reveal that these kiosks have increased the convenience and the flexibility index of not just the hotel staff but also the guests. Now the guests can easily access these kiosks in any part of the hotel and they need not go to the reception lobby every time for updated information. This self-service system adds to the freedom and privacy of the guests.

Can promote other services

The hotel management can offer various service programs in their portfolio for an improved experience of their guests. The hotel management can give complete information of all the other services that the guests can avail during their stay in the hotel. This is a strategically indirect but effective way of promoting the other services of the hotel and improves its business volume.


Guests on their arrival are informed about designed packages they can avail in terms of the services available and the prices they need to pay. Often the guests do not agree with all the elements of the package. A kiosk can be a perfect solution to this problem. Through these kiosks now the guests can select all the services and the amenities they are looking for and can pay just for them.

Kiosks have proven to be a huge boon for the hotels and the hospitality industry. These amazing machines embedded with artificial intelligence and data management system have been making the hospitality industry more dynamic and customer-oriented. In near future the use of self kiosks machine will be indispensable in this industry.

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IoT Innovations in Medicine

Internet of Things (IoT) has penetrated almost every industry, and healthcare is not an exception. The last decade has witnessed a huge impact in the healthcare domain, thanks to IoT. With healthcare technologies gaining sophistication, patients can benefit from highly tailored attention concerning their healthcare requirements. With IoT, you have smart devices to remind you of your calorie count, appointments, exercise hours, variations in blood pressure and much more.

Let’s explore how IoT has been leveraging the medicine and IoT Solution for Healthcare Industry over the last few years.

IoT for Physicians

 IoT enables wearables, and other equipment for home monitoring would allow physicians to track the health of patients with greater efficiency. They can even remotely track whether or not the patients are adhering to their treatment plans. In case they require any medical attention on an immediate basis, the physicians get to know and do the needful.

Besides, healthcare professionals can be more watchful with IoT devices, and this protective approach works well for patients. Similarly, they collect data using these devices and choose the right process of treatment to obtain the desired outcomes.

IoT for hospitals

 In hospitals, sensors are integrated with IoT devices to keep a track on of medical equipment like defibrillators, wheelchairs, oxygen pumps and nebulizers in real-time. Besides, the authorities can analyze the deployment of healthcare staff in real-time at various locations.

Specific smart devices, enabled by IoT, can take care of infections. In the process, it can prevent patients from getting affected by the same.

Besides, IoT devices help in managing assets, such as environmental monitoring and pharmacy inventory control. Again, these smart devices have other functions in hospitals like temperature and humidity control, checking the temperature in refrigerators, etc.

Detecting medical errors

 Inevitable medical mistakes are preventable, but unfortunately, they account for thousands of deaths each year. Deploying IoT helps in preventing these errors to a significant extent. These days, healthcare professionals use wristbands connected to IoT to verify the identity of patients. In the process, they eliminate the chances of mix-ups. Besides, these smart devices help medical staff in checking allergies and other medical data.

While recording data, machines do not make mistakes in typing, thereby eliminating human flaws. This makes IoT a valuable mechanism to check and sort patient data.

 Managing operational costs

 Over the years, healthcare is becoming expensive. The most strategic approach to control costs is to enhance efficiency and maintain quality. Using IoT, hospitals can automate their workflow and make significant savings in terms of money and time.

With IoT devices, it becomes easier and faster for transferring data, as compared to the manual efforts. The staff has a lesser amount of responsibilities to shoulder, which reduces the operational expenses. Besides, the risk of time-consuming and costly data entry errors is also low.

 Apart from the benefits presented here, IoT has been playing a crucial role in controlling diseases. Cancer, arthritis, and obesity, for instance, affect millions of individuals across the globe each year. IoT serves as tools for disease management, through which patients and doctors can continuously monitor temperature, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. Eventually, it primarily serves as a preventive mechanism while dealing with chronic diseases. The coming years are likely to witness far more sophistication in the healthcare industry with intelligent systems.