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How kiosk machines are fueling the growth of smart cities

Success in development and growth of any city is reliant on the city’s ability to offer its residents with useful tools which make their lives and daily activities easier. Smart cities in the recent years have rediscovered kiosks to be operational instruments to serve the needs of their developing cities. Modern and recent customers demand more collaborative features while making their purchase verdicts. That is why more and more enterprises are integrating kiosk technology into their set-ups.

The collaborative and self-service kiosk market is mainly driven by the rising adoption of smart skills in retail and banking industries. Globally, kiosk desks are being executed mainly to develop functioning efficiency with the purpose of time management. Moreover, the growth of modern infrastructure and smart cities is increasing the importance of kiosks and therefore has enhanced its adoption across various developed as well as developing areas. Apart from commercial applications, the kiosks machines have also gained momentum in the business sector.

For many industries, these systems aid in analyzing customer behavior and buying pattern. Companies also use kiosks machines to improve and enhance their service offerings. No matter what kind of business you are in, a kiosk machine can aid bring your company to even greater heights. Following are some of the most vital benefits of having a kiosk:

1. Improves consumer buying experience – Kiosks can provide your customers with detailed information about the products and services. As kiosks are easily reachable, customers will find it easy to visit a kiosk for requests like product pricing, feature comparison etc. It will also instill assurance in your potential clients, since it is the latest technology to increase their buying experience.

2. Increases customer base – Since kiosks are normally placed at planned locations, you would be able to reach more prospective customers. This assists expand your consumer base, which eventually increases your company’s capacity to sell more products. Kiosks permits to expand reach and produce more sales without the requirement for an expensive investment.

3. Reduces costs – Cooperative kiosks can be used in place of staff. As you don’t need to pay a kiosk a salary, you will save a good amount of money. Moreover, since kiosks can answer your customers with many of their purchasing concerns, you can focus the labor costs on sales experts to further rise your total sales volume. Additionally, opting for a kiosk in place of a traditional retail space will save your rent and overhead costs while you will still benefit from better visibility.

4. Helps save time – You can utilize a kiosk to assist your business operations to save time. For instance, you can have both a cashier and a kiosk assisting to check out the customers. This will cut waiting time by up to 50%. As an outcome, your consumers will have a more progressive experience at your store and will be expected to return for sure.

5. Helps with advertising and branding – Kiosks offer a great opportunity for advertising and branding purposes. You can design the exterior of kiosks as per your specific company image, like the color scheme, taglines, logo, etc. Innovative kiosks can successfully draw the attention of potential consumers by streaming your brand note. The prospects for messaging are endless. You can feature a new product or have a contest or a giveaway.

Survival strategies for shopping businesses during and after Covid-19

We all are trying to adjust to a new normal. Retailers are quickly adapting current strategies to reach a massive shift in shoppers’ behavior and product demand. It means attempting to make your digital channels and campaigns more operational with the temporary closure of the stores. As well as staying extremely sensitive to theclients’ needs, hardship and fears – all while continuing to supply the best brand experience possible.

Many people are shopping online in the pandemic than ever before, and there is no sign of this trend to stop even after the pandemic is over.Following points provide the maximum convenience to customers as to how to keep your marketing efforts tactful, alive and effective at this time.

Retail Marketing Strategies to Prioritize During COVID-19

Sensitivity is vital – Many people are struggling because of the loss of revenue and the severityof the situation as a whole. It is important to be aware of and empathetic to this and focus on the requirements and sensitivities of the customers. Most of the customers might see online shopping as a welcomed escape from reality, so don’t completely pause on all the promotions and campaigns, however do make adjustments. Contact us for retail marketing and eCommerce Services

Site traffic will stay to spike – With social distancing and closing of the store, and making online shopping a necessity, you might see an unprecedented amount of traffic to your website and to the app. This is the most significant time to make sure you have a way to appropriately identify all the visitors without waiting for them to create or log into their accounts.Collecting your buyers’ cross-channel data and e-mail addresses will make surethat you understand each visitor’s activities and involve with them in a suitable way. This helps you to message them based on their interests and channel preferences and ensuring that new as well as existing customers continue to shop with you for long even after covid-19 settles.

Leverage in-store data to move customers online-The people who only buy products in-store; launch dedicated campaigns that introduce them to online and loyalty paybacks, inform them on the perks of linking with you digitally, and cross-sell or suggest items that are similar to or match their latest in-store purchases. Refill campaigns are also a great way to remind the customers that the consumable products and perennial favorites which they previously bought in-person can easily be refilled online.

Offer convenience with website personalization – Your site is your storefront and first impression for new visitors at this time. Make sure it is as up-front to navigate as possible, with the most essential information they require. Use web pop-up as well as geo-targeted modals to showcase critical and well-timed messages around store closings, safety, inventory, new hours, etc. Use website alterations to feature a high-interest product or category upon a visitor’s return to your website,making it easier for them to pick up where they left off.

Launch product alerts to combat the inventory issues – Product alerts are a simple yet extremely effective way to informthe customers about the essentials they need. Price drop, low inventory and back in stock detection permits you to quickly target the customers who have interacted with particular products, based on viewed, carted, purchased and wish list activity, and automate high-conversion messages.

Keep an eye on customerswish lists – Some customers might not be spending money now, so theysaveit to their wish list to buy later. Identify the audiences who have saved items in particular categories or brands and let these customers know when the products are on sale.

Consider amping up the mobile push – Your customers are most connected via mobile phone at the moment. Hence push notifications could be a perfect tactic to present your younger audiences, particularly who are open to this sort of brand communication. The key here is to be aware of your audience’s likings and multichannel activity, also take into consideration the messages you are sending to these clients on other channels and dial those down, making the communication as relevant as possible. Connect us now for your Digital Marketing needs.

Ecommerce is the lifeline for FMCG industry

E-Commerce is proving irresistible. We all have learned one thing from the past year that things can change in an instant. The COVID-19 crisis augmented an increase of e-commerce towards new firms, clients and types of products. It has given the customers with access to a significant range of products from the convenience and safety of their homes, and has helped firms to continue functioning despite contact restrictions and other quarantine measures.

E-commerce has become a necessity for many companies in today’s world. With the rising demand for online shopping, a lot of businesses are moving from physical store to an electronic one. A lot of people buy and sell the products or services through electronic systems such as Internet or other computer networks.

Following are the benefits that prove how ecommerce is a lifeline for FMCG industry-

A wide range of products and services – E-commerce lets the customers to select a product or service of their choice from any dealer anywhere in the globe. The customer has a broader choice than he would have had in a brick-and-mortar store, plus the freedom to see the offer without any stress or hurry is invaluable. Because of space constraints, the seller can store only the minimum quantity of goods in the shop. On the other side, a virtual store permits you to store many goods without taking inventory cost into consideration. Therefore businesses offer the consumers an extensive variety of products.

Simplicity and comfort – Customers can purchase any product from any e-commerce in the world without stepping out from their workplace or home. Because of bad weather, economic state or for any other reason, a lot of people cannot go shopping.

E-commerce saves money – Costs incurred by a supplier of products or services in collaboration with an intermediary are paid by the customer. When there is no middleman, the customer might not have to spend too much money. Products offered on the Internet are normally cheaper than those in the stores. 

Ecommerce saves time – Saving time is one of the important benefits of online shopping. The time needed to select, purchase, and pay for an online product is not much. Products are delivered to the customers in a short period of time. Even if you order heavy goods, the service provider will get them to your doorstep.

After the Indian economy became global, the next major move in the consumer industry is e-commerce. E-commerce increases the consumer’s skill to purchase by providing the options of EMI, cash on delivery and special discounts. With the growing Internet accessibility, buyers are using e-commerce rapidly. Indian buyer is becoming aware and using all the means of comparisons on various shopping websites and choose the best price. E-commerce has turn up with the options of pay on delivery and is helping to protect the market which was untouched from quite some time.

  • Transparent evaluation through the markets and within the online sellers.
  • Daily discounts and offers – Promise the reasonable price in the market and next day delivery.
  • Access to shopping swiftly, no traffic, no weather challenges and home delivery.
  • 30 days return policy through cash on delivery and payment option via EMIs.

For the consumers, it is an easier and faster way to shop. Ecommerce has certainly changed the way people go shopping. The future is bright for this innovative commercial venture. Contact us today for eCommerce Solution and Digital Marketing Services.

How to survive my business in Covid-19

COVID-19 is a massive shake-up.  From the outset of the novel coronavirus, business operations and set-ups have had to change significantly all over the world. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a small business enterprise, everyone is experiencing some form of disruption in their business as a result of Covid-19.

It has become necessary to modify business operations and models to suit the present situation. Following is thechecklistthat every entrepreneur should do to survive and thrive in the coronavirus economy-

Think Innovatively

In the business world, innovation is always important,however never more so than now. In the wake of the coronavirus, it is importantto get creative, if businesses are to endure the storm and stay afloat.

Bring the Work-From-Home Setup a Notch Higher

Establish an Online Businessand take advantage of the latest technology to sell a niche product or promote a specific service. Since the outset of COVID-19, working from home has turned out to be an inevitable part of business operations as theenterprises scramble to adapt to a new normal.To ensure a greater level of efficiency, it is essential that companies provide the necessary work-from-home tools to help employees stay focused and effective. Time trackers may prove the most vital in this pandemic. It will help remote employees stay focused and proficient.

Empathy is a game-changer

Empathy helps to go beyond rational-logic based marketing to understand how the buyers feel. One of the most essential things is to show authenticity in brand’s empathy for the community it interconnects with. Empathy helps in making meaningful connections, build more trust, improve conversions and increase overall performance.

Get involved in the Digital Space

A lot of businesses are turning to digital solutions to scale their businesses. Even when the pandemic is long gone, companies will likely stick to digital solutions, which are quicker, more accurate and cost-effective than current practices. It’s a call to creative thinking, innovation and better strategies.

Do online delivery apps change the marketing trends

Online delivery apps have definitely transformed the global market and delivery at home is the most popular trend. The growth of digital technology is reshaping the market. Customers are adapted to shop online through apps or websites, with maximum transparency and convenience.

To begin with, here are a few reasons that make online delivery apps extremely popular: 

  • They offer real-time in-app tracking of the delivery. 
  • Well-designed apps offer amazing performance for great customer experience.
  • Increases ease and transparency for both app users and sellers. 

Ordering online frees up the staff while increasing order accuracy. It is simple and convenient and also trims the queue of customers waiting to order. Nowadays, people love online delivery services because it can be an easy and see-through business to invest in. Customers can decide quickly on what they want to order, when to deliver and how they’re going to make the payment.

Advantages of moving from traditional to online business

The penetration of Internet and smartphones has made it easy for the entrepreneurs to target the customers. Increasing use of smartphones is one of the reasons behind the growth of online delivery market. Mobile apps undeniably play an important role in any online business, comprising the food delivery market. These apps are also solving the major problems by saving time and delivering the food at the doorstep. Hence, online food ordering is a value for money for users. 

Online delivery platforms are escalating choices and convenience, allowing the customers to order from a wide range of selections with a single click on their mobile phones. With more innovations and development expected in the future, the online delivery apps are going to be a fascinating space to watch.

Does Your Business Need An Online Delivery Mobile Application

Online business and the introduction of e-commerce opened a new side of strategic business management. Modern technological interventions have been made this new e-commerce business more approachable for individuals and businessmen also. The opportunity of direct sales through online delivery or through e-commerce is much higher and a business can reap lots of benefits.

Developing Brand Recognition through Online Delivery

Global e-commerce business has opened a new window for entrepreneurs from all around the world as technological advancement is predominant in every business sector. Brand recognition is one of the key factors and it has a significant role in developing a business online. The new generation app launched by new companies is very helpful in developing brand recognition and participating in the global chain of supply and demand. Delivery apps are used by different businesses in order to establish the uniqueness of a brand name and a customer chain.

Sales Growth and Customer Relationship Build Up

Through a dedicated mobile application, it is easy to ensure sales growth as it provides a customised experience to individual customers. However, sales growth is a big benefit by launching a mobile application as it will regulate the product promotion as per the choice of the customers. Through the mobile app, it is also easy to anticipate the cultural inclination of individual customers in different regions of the domestic and international market.

Customer relationship builds up is another key benefit of having a dedicated mobile application that is customised to run your own business. Relationship with the customers is an important thing to grow in the global market. An E-commerce delivery app will certainly help a new company to get in direct touch with the customers i.e a perfect ecommerce solution for business. External stakeholder relationship can be enhanced through a mobile based app. Internal stakeholder relationship is also an important thing to maintain integrity in business. Through launching a mobile application it is easy to get in touch with the internal stakeholders directly and for all the working hours. Moreover, constant contact with the suppliers and the franchisee holders will certainly help you to achieve business target more easily through a dedicated mobile application. 

Building Customer Loyalty

Restaurant business and grocery business are achieving a high benefit from the online delivery app system. The two most new additions in the online delivery business have achieved more significant customer loyalty development. Food delivery mobile app is the newest choice of modern people and it has introduced new profit margin in the restaurant business. Also, a delivery app for grocery is playing a huge role in developing businesses. It can be said by neglecting the cost of the intermediate or the handler it is possible to earn more profit if a business is directly delivering to the customers. It also helps to circulate the authentic product and helps in market loyalty development without expending much on advertisements.

Valuable Business Analysis

Strategic business development is considered as the most important part to grow a business both on a domestic scale and in targeting the global market. In order to develop a strategic business development, business analysis is the most important thing to do. It not only helps to put transparency, but also helps to realise the situation of the company both from market analysis and competitive analysis. It is easy to develop business plans strategically on solid data of the previous year’s business.

Other miscellaneous benefits of the mobile application based business are:

  • It is easy to inform about the new products or the offers
  • The uniqueness of the products reaches the customers directly, which helps to stand out from the regular competition in the market
  • Younger demographics are the new target market and it is easy to reach the target market of the young generation through online applications
  • Syncing users’ social media accounts and emails through online applications help to provide customised offers for different economic zones of the domestic and international market

To give your business a new direction and to make higher profit, you must opt for the right app.