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IoT Solution Provider in India

RAZORSE strives to optimize, evolve, and transform your business journey with a comprehensive range of intelligent IoT services. With "In-Depth Knowledge & Understanding" of IoT", we harness each customized element, accelerating your time and efforts on core business operations with risks at its minimum.

Internet of Things (IoT)

'Internet of Things' essentially means the network of physical objects which have sensors, software and other technologies embedded in them. A whole new world of IoT in the digital ecosystem has given a gentle and meaningful push to the business landscape. And that's exactly our motto, pushing businesses higher on the growth scale by constantly adding new dimensions. With IoT, we talk about adding various productive magnitudes to your business operations in the form of optimized operations, improved data visualization, advanced customer insights, and enhanced customer experience. Whether it is launching a new IoT product or upscaling the existing application, we have the perfect IoT solution for you.

IoT Consulting

We have a team of business analysts and software architects who provide meaningful IoT consulting to help you customize an IoT solution. Our consulting covers ideas about business development, technology stack selection, architecture design, cybersecurity strategy, and much more for improved business functioning.

IoT App Development

The demand for internet of things is increasing rapidly and soon such devices will be available everywhere from urbanized cities, agricultural fields, to huge manufacturing plants along with homes and cars. We are geared up to grow our skill and knowledge to keep pace with this changing technology.

Data Analytics

We provide customized data analytics solutions and ensure that our solutions are abreast of the fast advancing technology. However vast is your data, however important is your data, management and security are our forte.

IoT Integrations

IoT integration means combination of new IoT devices, IoT data, platforms, and applications. We provide a seamless combination of these services along with IT assets like business application, legacy data, and SaaS.


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